Ratbags & Rascals at the Super Furry Festival!

Posted by Ratbags & Rascals on Dec 3, 2015

We did it!! The Super Furry Festival (held on the 24th October 2015 at the Shannon Reserve in Surry Hills) was our first ever Ratbags & Rascals market stall (proud moment). This was a perfect event for us to participate in because as a brand we truly believe in and love both the concept and the purpose behind the fun and fluff.And before you say it YES we realise that we are totally late writing this review but that’s just how we roll. Sleep and relaxation is number uno in the R&R household especially for my fluffy CEO (Mr London Cat). In fact whilst I’m out earning the tuna every day he’s lounging around and being quite useless so you can see how these sorts of delays can occur!! 

What is the Super Furry Festival?

The Super Furry Festival was born out of the passion of two crazy Cat girls (Jess Zeltner and Courtney Meyer) who decided to spur themselves into action after seeing recent campaigns highlighting Animal cruelty issues (including homelessness and mistreatment) that are still prevalent today. They wanted to find other crazy Animal lovers to help them make a difference and to generate positive change and…. Ta da! the concept for the Super Furry Festival was created.

Andree Kenda Ratbags & Rascals Market Stall

Our very first Ratbags & Rascals market stall


Ratbags & Rascals Cat Bow Ties

Ratbags & Rascals Cat bow ties

This market-style festival showcases Sydney’s Animal welfare and Pet rescue organisations with the purpose of raising awareness and much needed funds to help find furr-ever homes for surrendered Animals. In addition to sharing the joy of Pet adoption, the girls also had the aim to establish a large creative Animal lovers community. So at the festival there were many fabulous retailers selling all sorts of Pet products and services. Of course it was Pet friendly so the amount of cute furry fluffballs (of the Canine variety) walking around was truly unbearable. I fell in love about a million times throughout the day!


There was even a Doggie fashion show with a catwalk (or should I say dogwalk?!) with a bunch of cute Canines modelling attire from some of the different Pet product brands available at the festival. Our products were featured on some of the models which was so lovely and made us happy happy happy.

Rascals at the Super Furry Festival

Dogs spotted wearing our Ratbags & Rascals Bow Ties & Hair Clips

It was a very busy and tiring day managing the Ratbags & Rascals stall all by myself whilst of course my Feline business partner/Fluffy CEO was at home getting his beauty sleep! Remind me to reincarnate as a posh little Ragdoll Brat (oops I meant Cat) in my next lifetime.

Love from Andree xox

P.s Thanks again Jess and Courtney for having us. You can already count me in again for next year! Also a shout out to my lovely friend Sammy who helped me out on the day by taking photographs of all the action. You rock! xx


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My PURRfect Date!

Posted by Ratbags & Rascals on Oct 15, 2015




My PURRfect Date?! Oh la la you say! Tell me more! Let me attempt to explain something to you first. The mind of a Crazy Cat Lady is… well a little crazy. Our daily existence thrives upon everything and anything Kitty related. We spend hours every day staring at our Cat/s imagining exactly what they are thinking (and marvelling at their exquisite grace and beauty), talking to our Cats (like they are actually a real person), telling other people about our Cats (along with showing a zillion cute photos and videos), watching Cat videos on YouTube, looking at Cat Instagram accounts and of course posting countless SnapCats… opps I mean Snapchats. This obsession reaches a whole new level when Crazy Cat Ladies are shopping and they find an item with a Kitty Cat on it (or anything that resembles our favourite four-legged creature). Personally when this happens to me my natural reflexes kick in and my hand reaches for my wallet (ironically which also has a Cat on it). This automatic bodily reflex is non-negotiable and completely unaffected by any other variables.  Oh and FYI the dopamine rush experienced after making such a purchase keeps fuelling my addiction.. Meow?! So when a fundraising event called the ‘RSPCA Cat Film Festival’ pops up you can only imagine the excitement experienced by Crazy Cat Ladies Sydney wide!


The Cat Film Festival showcases the best internet Cat videos around the world in an open air cinema at Bicentennial Park, Glebe. The event is held by the legends at the RSPCA (The Royal Society for the prevention of cruelty to Animals) and all proceeds go towards making the world a better place for our Animals. Of course bringing any actual Cats to the event was not allowed (for obvious reasons) but dressing up as one was highly encouraged. Not that I needed any encouragement! I brought 3 pairs of Cat ears and before you ask why THREE when I can only wear one pair of ears at one time?! Well I loved all of them and I couldn’t choose my favourite pair..  durr!

So I declared a Girls DATE NIGHT and gathered some fellow Crazy Cat Ladies, brought general admission tickets ($25 each) and rocked up to the event with my picnic blanket, nibbles, champagne and wearing my favourite pair of Cat ears. #lovinglife. There was live entertainment, food trucks, and Cat related mayhem such as the Cattoo Purrlour, Kitten Cuddle Cube, face painting and Cat merchandise. I may or may not have purchased yet another set of Cat ears (they were leopard print ok.. I couldn’t resist). I also brought a pink ‘Cat Film Festival’ eco-friendly recyclable coffee cup so that I can remember this event every day for the rest of my life. Plus saving the Earth feels good. When the Cat videos started on the big screen everyone sat down and got cosy. Some of the videos were cute, some hilarious and some plain absurd!  There were lots of giggles and laughter from everyone around me. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the event and I’ve already put the date in my social calendar for next year. Also I would like to point out that (all jokes aside) it’s not JUST for Crazy Cat people (like me). There were lots of ‘normal’ Humans there and some even brought their dogs to the event *Gasp*…. (please don’t tell your Cat/s).

Much Love, Andree x

P.s Cat Ladies photo shoot may or may not have happened on our journey home 😉




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Welcome to Ratbags & Rascals

Posted by Ratbags & Rascals on May 20, 2015

This is Ratbags & Rascals very first blog post, which is both exciting and terrifying. We have undertaken a journey to get to this point and I feel proud of what we have created so far. Even though the behind the scenes stuff has been going on for what seems like an eternity, pressing publish on your first blog post is a special achievement and a personal victory. Designing such a personal brand and carving out the right path which will hopefully lead to success takes a lot of commitment, passion and vulnerability. But, I’ve always followed my heart in life and I am truly bursting with ideas, concepts, and designs, which over time we hope to be able to share with you and your Furry Baby. For now, we are taking Kitten and Puppy steps whilst enjoying the process of developing a small and very heartfelt, business. The vision for Ratbags & Rascals is to be able to provide your beloved Cats and Dogs with high-quality and beautifully designed, accessories, toys, and clothing… because they are totally worth it!

Lots of Licks, Purrs and Snuggles,

Andrée & London xx

P.s More about us (the Human/Fluff ball duo that make up the R&R team) in upcoming blog posts!


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